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What is empowerment

  1. Empowerment increases the amount of control, influence and concern that every single person in the organisation has.
  2. Empowered teams have a bigger role in decision making
  3. Empowerment is a stretch to higher level skills across the board
  4. Empowerment does not mean abdication
  5. Managers become responsible for the workplace, not the work.
  6. Coaches are beside and supporting rather than on top and controlling; discovering and releasing energy rather than constraining and directing energy.

The aims of empowerment

1 I agree with what Ken Douglas told me some time ago:

ďI donít know a worker who did not want to do a good job but they are often disgruntled because they feel unrecognised. Everyone needs a job which is a reflection of self interest and leads to fulfillment of self.Ē

2 Another aim of empowerment is to break down barriers and silos and open communication so that the organisation works as a seamless whole.

When the walls are removed or reduced, people can see the whole picture and how they fit into it. They are therefore able to work far more effectively and communicate far more openly.

3 People are more energised and focused on the goals

4 Happier about working with the team and more commited to it.

Itís our job to find ways to release the human energy of every single participant in at least four different ways:

  1. Body (physical)
  2. Head (intellectual)
  3. Heart (emotional) and
  4. Soul (spiritual).

To do this we must

  1. Unlock their talents. Most people are like unlocked treasure chests
  2. Believe in people more than the people believe in themselves. This involves a great deal of trust.
  3. Build the collective energy, by working in project teams
  4. Help them leave a legacy. Constantly discuss the meaning of the work and tying it to a higher purpose. Nearly everybody wants to be part of something bigger than him or her. They want to make the world a better place
  5. Donít try and change those things that canít be changed.

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