Leaders know human nature. Do you?

Take the following test. Rank the following three statements from most true to least true:

  • Humans are basically "bad" (lazy, self-seeking, can't be trusted)
  • Humans are basically "good" (hardworking, giving, trustworthy)
  • Humans are both good and bad.

What are your answers?

Write them down below before reading on:

  1. Most true:
  2. Next:
  3. Least true:

My view

I think humans are both good and bad. We all have a bit of God in us and a bit of the Devil; which one wins will depend on the one we choose to feed. When I talk about feeding, I'm thinking about:

  • The people we choose to associate with
  • The books we choose to read
  • The stories we choose to tell
  • The rituals we choose to adopt.

Organisational success depends on the choices leaders make

Leaders have an enormous impact on the choices people make; and it's amazing how these choices, made every day, across the organisation turn an average organisation into a winning one.

Imagine, your organisation with every leader role-modeling the following positive choices:

  • "I'm going to trust this person."
  • "I'm going to communicate openly."
  • "I'm going to do what's best for the organisation even if in the short-term, it's to my detriment."
  • "I'm not going to hold information back."
  • "I am not going to play petty politics."

You'd have an unassailable competitive advantage. The culture would be your most important asset.

To develop this sort of

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