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Kris Coppieters

Process consultant

Kris is specialized in process consultancy - marrying information science, common sense, people skills and social skills as to build business processes and systems that work.

He's been involved in software development, mainly for the printing and publishing industry, for a very long time.

The printing and publishing industry is a good example of those difficult industries where creative people and technical people are forced to work together closely.

One needs to be able to grasp both the left- and right-brained way of thinking to understand and translate between both sides - so that's an area where Kris feels right at home.

Software architect

Part of Kris's specialisation is architecting software solutions.

Often the hardest part is differentiating between what somebody wants, and what somebody needs. The needs also need to be balanced against budget, time line, available technologies, preferred technologies, and many other factors.

In order to build a successful software solution, a key factor is business empathy: a good architect has to be able to understand and relate to the business at hand.


Kris often works with people in I.T. and Software Development, and part of a successfull software project is making sure all people that are involved have or gain the technical skills to maintain or extend software projects.

When the need arises, Kris can train staff in subjects related to the project at hand - advanced programming techniques (e.g. in C++, Java, various RAD environments,... ), software development patterns, source code management systems, development meta-communications,... everything that is needed to convert a group of technical people into a team of technical people.

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