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Snippets on Innovation

  1. Innovation Is Creativity With Its Sleeves Rolled Up - Many people have great ideas in the middle of the night. Few get up and write them down before they forget; and even fewer commit to turning the ideas into reality. This shows you how to be successful, roll your sleeves up, overcome fear and go to work.

  2. The Importance Of Brainpower - In business to day, brainpower is what matters, often that's all there is! Many of our larger organisations seem unable to be innovative. Amongst many of my clients I am known as Mr Brainpower - probably because I keep harping on about how important it is. In my experience most large organisations are utilising only a tiny fraction (less than 5%) of their potential brainpower. There are three reasons for this.

  3. Human Energy - Some companies are like the Sun, with so much energy, it crackles out in flares around the edges. You can feel the buzz the minute you enter. It's exciting, it's palpable. It's the difference between world famous and ordinary. To find out how they do it

  4. Innovation - Improving innovation is not a quick fix but the rewards are enormous, the government has been leading a drive for more innovation within New Zealand's small entrepreneurs.... but seems to have given up on big business. To find out how to make your large organisation as creative as the smaller successes.

  5. The leadership required for innovation - This Strategic Snippet deals with the leadership required to build innovation within an organisation. I have taken two perspectives: a.Innovative leadership according to Tom Peters and b. Innovative leadership according to Bruce Holland.

  6. Boost Innovation In Your Organisation by Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain - The right brain is far better connected to the enormous power of the subconscious than the left brain. Compared with the subconscious, the conscious mind is very limited and yet this is where most of us try to solve our problems. Drawing is a technique that helps you connect to your subconscious.

  7. The difference between left and right brain thinking and why it matters - Understanding the human brain is critical to understanding innovation; and most of what is known about the brain has been discovered in the last 10 years.

  8. Women are significantly more right brained than men - This Strategic Snippet is the first in a series on how to build more creativity into your organisation. It shows that Western business is dominated by men and reports on research showing clearly shows that women are significantly more right brained (creative) than men.

  9. Purple Cow - A purple cow is a product or service that is worth making a remark about. Just like if you saw a purple cow you'd go home and tell someone, if you saw a 'purple cow' product or service you'd go out and tell someone. There is a great opportunity to create purple cow products because most people are scared to do it. This Snippet is based on "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin.

  10. Innovation Is Not A Quick Fix - Unfortunately innovation will not just happen because management declares it should. Improving innovation in organisations takes energy at three levels.

  11. Speed - The New Frontier Of Competition - In organisations, power is moving from the slow to the fast. This is a natural law of the universe whether in species, nations or organisations. The old categories of Capitalist and Communist, North and South are increasingly obsolete, today all that matters is fast and slow.
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