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Executive Master Classes


The concept of the Executive Master Class is to gather a group of senior, thoughtful managers in an open, �hot tub� environment to share their experiences about subjects that matter to business and let magic happen. Venue and arrangements, 4.30 to 6.30pm, followed by drinks at the Wellington Club, 88 The Terrace, Wellington. Cost is free by invitation.


The aims of the Executive Master Classes include:

  1. To help New Zealand leaders become stronger.
  2. To build a network of managers who trust each enough to share ideas about issues that concern them.


  • Only senior managers and leaders
  • Only by personal invitation
  • Real practitioners prepared to share their experiences
  • Selected for their strong views and preparedness to debate the issues
  • Limited to 20, first come basis.


  1. Introductions and Ground rules
  2. Short opening up of topic by speaker
  3. Brag session
  4. Facilitated �Hot-tub� type conversations
  5. Lessons and conclusions
  6. Last words
  7. Drinks and snacks.

Lessons and conclusions are distributed in written form to participants after the session.

Brag session:

All participants will be asked to �brag� about something they have done, or an insight they have, about the subject.

A brag is something you feel good about that you�d like to share with others so they can also try it out and benefit from it. Each brag will only be short (a maximum of 2 minutes) but together they will inject a practical group of �take away ideas� for you to try in your workplace.

Subjects of previous Executive Master Classes

  1. How to lead your people in a way that engages them in the business (September 2010)
  2. Encouraging and Capturing Innovative Thinking (November 2010)
  3. How To Do More With Less (April 2011)
  4. Selecting the Right Strategies (July 2011)

Comments from other Executive Master Classes

  • Well worth attending. The one that I have attended to date was interactive, interesting and thought provoking. I would definitely attend again. Andrew Ashton, HotChilly

  • Make it a priority to accept. The session is participative and interactive and the at-tendees bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the chosen subject that ensures you leave with nuggets and pearls. Two hours of time well invested, and it has the bonus of being enjoyable. Wes Brown, Ministry of Justice.

  • It is a very worthwhile investment of a couple of hours of time. The sessions are stimu-lating, and the wide range of backgrounds of the attendees provide some worthwhile insights. Having the session at the end of the day means that it can be approached without the distraction of thinking about things waiting back at the office. Warwick Wright, Aviation Security Service.

  • Mutual benefit to be gained from attending and openly sharing diverse views on a rele-vant topics with a broad cross section managers from private and government sector backgrounds. Kevin Cole, Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Do so. It was a remarkably open and energetic and relevant exchange of views and experience among a group of people who did not for the most part know each of other beforehand. Peter Adams.

  • A surprisingly enjoyable way to get out of the usual work environment to explore is-sues and inspire solutions that can applied effectively. A supportive, friendly network with diverse backgrounds and experience. Donald Pooke, HTS-110.

  • Confirm early otherwise you may not have a place. Jacob de Feijter., HTS-110.

  • "Give and ye shall receive....many times over......" Atene Andrews, Department of La-bour.

  • I would advise them that the sessions require active participation and the more you put in the more you get out! The hot tub participants have a lot to offer and learn. The hot tubs are fun. Steve Donkin, DOC

  • It is a stimulating, thought provoking high intensity session that will leave extroverts speechless and give introverts much to ponder. Grant Burney, Transpower.

  • I came away from the Master Class feeling refreshed. It was neat to step out of my world of work and reflect with fellow Master Class leaders from the private and public sectors on what it means to be an effective leader. Everything we discussed was rele-vant to my role. I took away a few nuggets which have refocused me on my leadership task over the coming days and months. Dianne Rogers, General Manager, Ministry of Social Development.

  • It was great to have the opportunity to be involved with a group of intelligent, experi-enced senior executives with different views but the same end goal. We had some good robust discussion which highlighted for me that we are all facing similar challeng-es albeit working in quite varied industries. Looking forward to the next session for more challenges and ideas. Greg O'Connor, General Manager, Vehicle Testing New Zealand.

  • At the end of a long day the Virtual Executive Master Class was a surprise and a de-light. An enjoyable and stimulating session. Brent Anderson, Corporate Services Manager, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next gathering. I want to acknowledge how stimulating I found the event to be. It was great to work with other senior manag-ers and turn our minds to the topic of building engagement with our business� In the lives of busy managers it is not often we get the opportunity take time out and reflect on important topics such as these in such a pragmatic way. The networking opportuni-ty offered through the class was also very valuable. I for one welcome the opportunity to attend any future class and would recommend the class to any other invitees that you may approach. Ken Rand, Child Youth and Family.

Want to join in?

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