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+64 21 620 456

16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand

Examples of Bruce's work

Electra Energy

Advised and managed a major process of institutional strengthening at Horowhenua Energy (now trading as Electra). This included advising on strategic information needs.

At the time the electric supply industry in New Zealand was facing deregulation and competition for traditional monopoly customer groups. Horowhenua Energy lacked strategic vision, had low customer focus, its systems and processes where out of date and its attitudes where more suited to a monopoly than to a competitive environment.

Bruce worked with management in clarifying the strategic direction of the organisation. He was involved designing and implementing strategic information required to measure the progress of the change process, including research to determine the characteristics of Staff Culture (repeated several times as a gauge of progress).

He was involved setting up new information systems required to provide the information necessary to be able to control the strategic change / continuous improvement processes.

He worked with senior managers providing special support to managers who were resisting the changes and was involved in training trainers so that every staff member could be trained in process methods and tools required.

Strategic information was based on the balanced score card involved measurement and follow up and feedback.

He worked with each departmental team to implement the changes they recommended to management, and to help them measure their success.

The company later became ISO certified and won national awards for its customer satisfaction.

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