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+64 21 620 456

16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand

Capacity Infrastructure Services

The organisation

Capacity is responsible for managing the water services for a large part of the Wellington Region.

The Projects

For the last two years Bruce Holland has designed and facilitated a two-day Strategic Process designed to clarify the strategic direction of Capacity, its Value proposition and key strategies for the next 5 years. This process was involved all the Board members and all Senior Managers.


What comment would you make to some one else who was considering using Bruce Holland, Virtual Group for something similar? Include any praise, issues or suggestions. Comment:

  • Very effective process whereby facilitator has low profile with consequential high involvement of participants. Process provided desired outcomes in timely and broadly involved manner. Overall score 4 out of 5. David Hill, Chief Executive, Capacity Infrastructure Services.

  • The pre-work reading was well prepared and very useful preparation for our workshop. Bruce Holland is an excellent facilitator. He managed to draw everybody into the project and kept our focus. He had a vision of how we needed to progress through the process. Very dynamic workshop with plenty of interaction. Overall score: five out of five. John Baines, Engineer, Capacity Infrastructure Services.

  • Excellently facilitated. Pre-reading material and formative and challenging in the right way. Workshop focused and empowered staff, a great way to get the best out of everybody in a warm way. Overall score: five out of five. Bill Arnold, Senior Engineer, Capacity Infrastructure Services.

  • The workshop was very well organised, material was available to read through before attending the workshop. It was useful in terms of getting to know Capacity's future direction and strategies. I strongly recommend Virtual Group for similar purposes. Overall score: five out of five. Diana Isaacs, Engineer/Planning Team, Capacity Infrastructure Services.
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