This is the personal web site of Bruce Holland
founder of Virtual Group Business Consultants

Resilient People

Resilient Organisations

Resilient Sectors

Resilient people are your most valuable resource, yet many organisations use only a tiny fraction of this potential.

Bruce's People products

  1. Leadership Development Program
  2. Herrmann's Brain Dominance Instrument
  3. Staff Empowerment Program
  4. Trusted Adviser Program.

Resilient organisations are fast, focussed, and flexible. In business only four things really matter:

Bruce's Organisational products

  1. Strategy Development
  2. Strategy Execution
  3. Culture Development
  4. Organisation Structure.

Resilient sectors achieve results that no individual agency can achieve on its own through strong relationships.

Bruce's Sector products

  1. Sector Development
  2. Community Development
  3. MergerPlus - a tool to improve the success of mergers
  4. Breaking down Agency silos

Hot Spots

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